Doing More With Less and it’s Wow-Worthy! Innovative Digital Learning at Paratus Education

We talk about expressions like “on the web” or “computerized” or “remote”. These expressions have built up what is routine life for many of us now. We have arrived at the place where the digital world around us is the new norm, full stop!

Innovation has always existed, learning the ropes while progressing. So, what has changed now?

Educational Content is distantly intelligent now, web based learning has become comfortable, coming through specialized sources. We sit in the comfort of our homes, with the kettle hissing in the distance, the all too familiar day begins! And it’s not that bad!

Customized learning is conceivable through incorporated Learning Management Systems that have been doing so well in schools and establishments for a long time now.

Students settling down anywhere all around the planet can soak up knowledge much better on learning devices.

Adaptable Learning With Paratus Education

Learning is amazing if it can be performed whenever, wherever in anyplace. Learning with the convenience of your devices at home. PCs, iPad, tablets, mobiles, making the learning experience significantly more adaptable. At Paratus Education these devices play a vital job in learning development, whenever utilized. An essential for students as they basically utilize them to study “On The Go!”, a moto Paratus is proud to reemphasize again and again! A strange thought ponders over you, where once used as a way of calling and informing, we are now reliant on these gadgets for our module ‘catch ups’! The quicker we digest the content, the quicker we pass that test and move to new horizons!

Paratus A Digital Educator

As a Digital Educator Paratus Education has now created a learning environment that provides the opportunity for students to develop both academic skills and 21st century skills. The digital classroom has
expanded beyond the four walls of a classroom into our homes and into our busy lives. Students are engaged in authentic tasks that have a connection to the real world. The real world where opportunity lies.

Such a transformation in learning styles has enabled us to connect with them where they can digest the learning materials at their own pace. Optimistically, students can manage and absorb the content more effectively.

So they need to strategize to be able to take full control of time and regulate it appropriately to get the best out of our courses. So here are some tips!


Plan your study day ahead, this will help you gear up for the day ahead without worrying too much! Motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said that “Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days.”!

The 80:20 rule

A concept not to be ignored! Research has proven that 20% of what we do accounts for 80% of our results. So focus on and try to work through on a daily basis the
20% of really hard concepts that you’re finding tricky on your course first, the other 80% will automatically fall into place!


Focus Focus Focus! We often start something, don’t quite finish it and then move onto something else, and by the end it’s like we didn’t accomplish anything at all! Train your mind so that focus becomes a discipline that never leaves you! Start one module and ensure you finish it before you move on!


According to the American actress Viola Davies: “The happily ever after comes after you’ve done the work”. Just remember to keep focused and maintain your positivity and you will achieve your goals!

Ruby Khan
Vice president Paratus Education

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