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Paratus Premier Education is thrilled to introduce a world first ! A groundbreaking opportunity that can revolutionize your IELTS Speaking Exam preparation – the Conversational AI IELTS Speaking Exam.

As part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing your learning experience, Paratus Premier Education have partnered with cutting-edge technology to provide you with an innovative way to practice and elevate your speaking skills. With this revolutionary approach, you can engage in real-time conversations with an AI examiner, receiving instant feedback on your performance.

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✅ Real-time Practice: Simulate the IELTS speaking exam with an AI examiner in an environment that mirrors the real testing conditions.

✅ Instant Feedback: Receive detailed feedback on pronunciation, fluency, vocabulary usage, and overall speaking proficiency immediately after your conversation.

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At our  company, we are dedicated to empowering students and schools worldwide through specialized IELTS and Functional Skills courses. With a strong focus on academic excellence and language proficiency, we strive to provide comprehensive and tailored programs that unlock the full potential of our students.

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We Provide Courses to Universities

Enriching University Programs: Tailored courses designed for academic success.

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"Our students' success soared after implementing your IELTS course. A remarkable impact on our English department. Thank you!"
Allison Hall
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July 10, 2023


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Proficiency exams are crucial for assessing individuals' language skills and their ability to navigate a globalized world. Among these exams, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Academic exam stands as a benchmark for evaluating English language proficiency. As technology continues to shape education, Learning Management Systems (LMS) have emerged as powerful tools that offer a range of benefits for both test takers and educators. In this article, we delve into the world of LMS systems and explore how they are revolutionizing proficiency exams like the IELTS Academic exam.

July 9, 2023


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Introduction: Greetings, fellow language enthusiasts! Today, I'm going to share a hilarious and persuasive tale of how my life took an unexpected turn after I embarked on a daring quest to conquer the IELTS exam. Armed with my trusty laptop and the Paratus Premier Education's IELTS Academic 200-Hour Digital Program, I transformed from a mere student to a linguistic ninja. So, buckle up and get ready for an entertaining ride!

July 8, 2023


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We talk about expressions like "on the web" or "computerized" or "remote". These expressions have built up what is routine life for many of us now. We have arrived at the place where the digital world around us is the new norm, full stop!

March 9, 2023


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As a teacher, I have always emphasised to my students the importance of having a good grasp on vocabulary before attempting the IELTS test. By that I don't mean knowing a dictionary by heart, but just enough synonyms to allow them to navigate between topics without having to use the same words over and over again. This is beneficial as "lexical resource" is a part of the criteria for marking in both speaking and writing.

June 15, 2022


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Part of the IELTS exam is the speaking examination and generally, if you are among the examinees, you will likely look for the best pointers on the best ways to effectively talk during the exam proper. Bear in mind that during the test, what matters is your capability to verbalize your thoughts, connect correctly and express yourself in English. It is essential that you answer the concerns directly, thus avoiding too many flowery words which will certainly simply make your responses vague and too long for a really short concern.

August 8, 2021


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Many students studying for the IELTS exam are put off writing essays because they're not sure where to start. Daunting as it may seem, It is important to understand the correct formatting and structure for an essay. Writing an essay isn't easy, especially when you haven't had much experience with this type of writing in the past but the 'IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 and 2' Online Course at Paratus Education will equip you with all the tools you need to tackle this part of the IELTS Exam!